First of all, congratulations on your upcoming marriage. At St. Andrew's, we will work hard to make your wedding service enjoyable and meaningful.


How do we arrange a wedding service?

Call or email the church office, and we will get the process going. It is important to allow us to make your booking properly. Start with our office administrator. She will inform our property manager, minister and music director.


Do we have to belong to St. Andrew's, or to some other church?

No, all are welcome, including persons of every faith and those who profess no faith.


Do you conduct same-sex weddings?

Yes, all are welcome.


Can we have a non-religious wedding?

Yes, we will work with you to strike the balance that creates the wedding you want, and also speaks to your gathered family and friends. In fact, most 'non-religious' services have some of the traditional wedding elements in them, and this works very well.


Will you do a strictly civil wedding?

Yes. Again, the best approach is to sit down together and flesh out exactly what service you want to have. Each kind of service has its strengths and challenges.


Do you require us to take a premarital course?

No, it is not a requirement. But neither is it a bad idea. We can provide you with details of available courses that previous couples have reported as being worthwhile.


How many guests will your Church seat?

120, comfortably.


What about parking?

Extensive parking is available on Saturday and Sunday.


How does the wedding service come-together?

Our minister will guide you through that process.


What kinds of music are possible for the service?

Our music director has a wide range of resources available. You will consult directly with him, as part of your arrangements.


Can I have a different minister?

Weddings at St. Andrew's are conducted by our minister and, if a couple wants, arrangements can be made to share the service with another officiant.


Can I have a different musician?

Our music director has the right of first refusal to play for all wedding services, and makes decisions around inclusion of other musicians.   

 What do I do about a Marriage License?

It is your responsibility to provide the legal documents. In Toronto, you may obtain a marriage license at City Hall. In any other place, the city or town hall is the place to begin.

Then, as part of the arrangements process, we will take that License for use in the wedding service.


What are your fees?

A schedule of fees will be provided during our arrangements. Dimensionally, expect to pay in the range of $800-$1,000, depending upon what you want for your day.


What about other details: flowers and confetti, and so on?

You are quite correct: there are lots of details. We will work them out with you, as the arrangements come-together.  






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