Our purpose for a funeral or memorial service is to offer a respectful celebration of the life of a loved one who has died. It is no contradiction that authentic grief and sorrow will also be present and honoured. In all the most important times of our lives, tears and laughter are mixed-together, and this is as it should be.


How do I make arrangements for a service?

If you are working with a funeral home, your funeral director will assist you with contacting St. Andrew's.

In any case, the simple and direct solution is to contact St. Andrew's immediately, and we will begin from there.


What does a service look like?

Usually, a service is a combination of music and tributes offered by participants chosen by the family. Prepared tributes can be presented by our minister. Some simple prayers, readings, and words of committal complete the experience.

The service is as long or as brief as loved ones choose. A brief service is about 20 minutes long, but special music, tributes and memories will add to that length.     


What do we do about a Burial, Committal or Scattering of Ashes ?

These arrangements, as with all others, are made according to the wishes of each family. St. Andrew's and your funeral director will work with you.


How many guests will your church seat?

120, comfortably.


What about parking?

Extensive parking is available on Saturday and Sunday.


Can I have a different minister?

Funerals at St. Andrew's are conducted by our Minister and, if a family wants, arrangements can be made to share the service with another officiant.


What kinds of music are possible for the service?

Our music director has a wide range of resources available. You will consult directly with him, as part of your arrangements.

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