What is baptism about?

In a way, it is the simplest thing. The Gospel says, "Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River."  --Mark 1:9

So, we do it to imitate Jesus, who chose to be baptized.

Jesus told his followers to use baptism as a mark of faith, and the Christian Church has done so ever since. And it is a sign of belonging: an acknowledgment that God calls us to be a community of faith, together.


What age is best for baptism?

The most common choice is to have a baby or infant child baptized. In this case, the parent or parents speak for the child.

That said, as most parents find out, it takes very few years for a child to have their own ideas--about faith, among other things. In the case of an older child, it's a  hybrid experience: parents make the arrangement and are part of the service, but we will also include the child in the way that is best suitable.


If the child being baptized has two parents, do both parents have to be Christian?

No. Many couples combine partners of different faiths; one partner may choose to practice no faith. We are happy to welcome you in every case.     


Can adults be baptized?

Yes. Baptism is appropriate for all ages. People at every stage of life can and do choose to be baptized.

Not infrequently, a parent or even grandparent who was never baptized chooses to be baptized along with their child/grandchild. That is the whole point: the qualification for baptism is to want, in your heart, to be baptized.


Will you do a private baptism?

Not usually. We almost always celebrate baptism as part of our regular Sunday morning worship service. But, if you have particular concerns or needs, please be in contact and we can talk about it.


What about Godparents?

About half of families choose to have godparents or sponsors (we use either term) stand with them. Family, friends, or anyone you want to include in for this special moment, will be welcome. Being a godparent carries no legal duties or religious responsibilities. 


 What does the Church expect from me, because of a baptism?

Our church does not do a lot of 'expecting'. You will be very welcome to continue connection and participation with our congregation and its life. We have a lot to offer, and know that St. Andrew's is richer with each person involved.


How much does a baptism cost?

There is no cost.


How do I arrange a baptism?

Call or email St. Andrew's. From there, we will work with you to find the arrangements that work best.

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