The present St. Andrew's is the result of four unions of five historic congregations. One of those congregations, Old St. Andrew's, has roots going back to 1831. The first congregation on our site was Westminster Presbyterian. The first union in 1921 was with the Grosvenor Street congregation, which lost its church building when Bay Street was extended north. In 1925, when The United Church of Canada was formed, Westminster Church and the former Central Methodist Church (just across the street) came together and formed a new congregation called Westminster-Central United Church.

In 1950, Old St. Andrew's, located at Jarvis and Carlton Streets, moved north to join Westminster-Central, and the congregation changed its name to St. Andrew's. In 1973, we were joined by Yonge Street Congregation when their church building was destroyed by fire.

Ours is the third church building on the site. The first, built in 1891, was destroyed by fire in 1920. The second, dedicated in 1923, was demolished and replaced with the present church building.

Check out this link for further information and photos. (Also the story of the arch): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Andrew%27s_United_Church

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